Saturday, 28 February 2015

we now have another 4

The latest pieces to arrive are from:

Janice Felton, Co. Durham, England
Carol Jarvis, also Co. Durham, England
Martina Carroll, Mahon, Blackrock, Cork, Ireland
Naomi Lawrence (aka Rags), New York, NY, USA

Janice has chosen a variety of colours that I would describe as bright pastels. The yarns she has used to create this pretty piece are all beautifully soft and silky, so the finished scrumble has a lovely feel and drape.  Very freeform and nicely put together, Janice's piece measures about 28cm (11") across

Carol has made a beautiful rainbow coloured scrumble that reminds me of a carnival mask.  Her friend Janice tells me that Carol only took up crocheting after her 70th birthday, and that she first tried freeforming just 5 weeks before she made this piece.  Well done.  It measures about 28cm (11") across

Martina has created a gorgeous hyperbolic flower with a raised central section.  Her choice of lovely variegated yarns makes for subtle colour changes (or perhaps it is just a single interesting multi-colour yarn that I am not familiar with).  I'm sure that by the time Martina got to the final round, she had rather a lot of stitches to do to create the pretty ruffly edge.   It measures about 38cm (15")

and this next piece is from Naomi, who only just discovered freeform but who says that she has always 'painted flowers with yarn'.  From the photo, you can't guess the scale of this magnificent sunflower crocheted by Naomi.  She tells me that it was sewn onto a fence in East Harlem, NYC, and remained there for 4 months.  She only removed it to replace it with a Poinsettia crocheted for the holiday season.  It obviously survived its yarnbombing origins well, and I am thrilled to now be able to show it here in Australia.  This one measures in at a whopping 150cm (that's about 5ft)!

Like Marilyn Kerr's 1975 crochet piece (blogged about on Feb 16), I think that Naomi's piece may end up being displayed as another a fitting lead-up to our crochet exhibit.  

Both of these very large pieces will create a really spectacular and fitting introduction to freeform crochet techniques.


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  1. Wonderful. Can't wait to see how you use it as an introduction. Very exciting


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