Tuesday, 3 February 2015

not 1...but 2!

Today there were two little packages in the mail, one domestic and the other from overseas (the first of many to travel a great distance, I'm sure).

The piece in the first photo was crocheted by Brigitte Haydon from Bowral in NSW, Australia.  It's lovely little circular piece that I'm sure will fit into the installation just beautifully. Brigitte calls it a 'little bit of fun', and it most certainly is with all it's lovely vibrant colours. 
The piece in the second photo has come from Pandora Hobby in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.   In her note Pandora referred to it as the 'rock garden', and I love it...it's a most unusual and quite 3 dimensional piece that I know will add greatly to the whole freeform feel of the finished hanging.

Both are so very different, but both are just as wonderful...and that's definitely the beauty of freeform.  

Brigitte's piece measures 13cm (about 5") across, and Pandora's is 23cm (9")

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