Thursday, 26 February 2015

4 more!

Scrumbles today are from:

Mirto Golino, San Rafael, CA, USA
Jorel Thomson, Menlo Park, CA, USA

Vlasta Pesut, Zadar, Croatia
Jennifer Macdonald, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Mirto has created 3 really fabulous pieces, a small, lacy scrumbled flower that has started as a spiral, a much larger mandala-like flower and a beautiful freeform paisley-shaped piece.  All are just terrific; much nicer in the flesh than shows up in my photo.  The length of the paisley is about 38cm (15")

Jorel was one of the first creative crocheters I ever met on the must be over 15 years ago now.  We were both members of a freeform chat group which she now moderates, and the group has yearly themed challenges; they even create a book each year that raises money for charity.  For this project, Jorel has crocheted a lovely flower in ribbon yarn, plus a very tactile floral scrumble that is 15cm (6") wide.

Vlasta's work is very individual, and from other photos I have seen of her creations it is always exciting.  She goes by the name of Donata Crochet.  Her package contained two pieces - a woolly freeform heart with puffy flowers, and the most amazing tree, out in bloom and complete with peace symbols on some of the flowers.   The tree is 40cm (16") tall, and the heart about 20cm (8")

The final package this time was from Jennifer, and it contained a fabulous array of brightly coloured heart motifs, plus a slightly larger flower and 2 even bigger mandala-like pieces.  Beautiful, and I know that the hearts are going to make great 'gap-fillers' - although it hardly seems fair to call them that when they are so nicely crocheted!  The larger of the two mandalas measures in at 20cm (8").

To finish up for today, I just want to let everyone who has contributed so far know that I am absolutely blown away by the quality and diversity of style in everything that has arrived for this project to date.  

Our finished piece is really going to be an amazing freeform creation. 

I imagine that anyone viewing it 'in person' will find it difficult to take their eyes away.  The more they gaze, the more of the original and individual 'artworks within the artwork' they will discover.

Thanks again to you all; most especially to everyone who has contributed - you are the best! 

...but also a little thank you to anyone who is following our progress here; I hope that you are enjoying the journey.


  1. ...and if anyone is interested in taking a look, here is a link to one of the books that the freeform chat group that I mentioned above has created:
    ...and the group can be found at

  2. Your motifs are all beautiful & so is the book. Such creativity, thank you Prudence for the link.


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