Tuesday, 13 October 2015

We're on the cover!

It's been a while since I last blogged, but today I have some great news:

Our 50 Years of Flower Power artwork has made it onto the cover of the latest edition of an Australian textile magazine:

I just picked up my copy from the post office, and it looks fantastic.  There's also a 3 page article, with lots of photos.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy you can do so at http://www.moremags.com.au/textiles/dut/down-under-textiles-21

...and the good news for all our contributing crocheters from around the world is that they will mail overseas, so get your order in early, before they are all snapped up.

Our artwork will be touring even further in 2016; I'm afraid you'll have to be patient for a while longer, but I'll be letting you know where and when as things are finalized.

Monday, 10 August 2015

from our showing in Canberra

Our 50 Years of Flower Power piece went on show in Canberra, our national capital, during the past week, and we had a very different configuration for the artwork this time.

For this show we had the opportunity to display the piece wrapped around a long, narrow section of wall that ran right down the middle of the main thoroughfare through the show  - visitors definitely couldn't miss it

We'll be setting it up again soon, too, because later this week it will be on display yet again, from Thursday to Sunday, at the Craft & Quilt Fair in Newcastle, NSW.  If you are in the area, I hope we will see you there.

I'll blog again with the comments from our book, together with more photos from Canberra, just as soon as I get the chance...but in the meantime, here are snaps of a few freeformers who attended the show wearing their own gorgeous one-of-a-kind creations.

Very many thanks to Wendy, Rita and Liz for agreeing to pose for the blog
...don't they all look fantastic, and doesn't our display make an absolutely fabulous backdrop?



Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Follow up to the showing in Melbourne

Our '50 years of flower power' piece went on show once again last week, this time at the Craft & Quilt Fair in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia).

I received fabulous feedback from so many people who dropped by my stand, and I appreciated that they sought me out as, for most of the show, I was busy there, on the other side of the venue to where the artwork was hanging.  

We again received lots of lovely entries in the Flower Power comments book, and I typed them up while sitting at the airport waiting for my flight home.  They follow below, along with a few new photos taken during the show: 

Just beautiful.
Just amazing.
I am blown away.  Pat from Western Australia
50 years of flower power - I didn't think I was that old to remember.  Well done.  Fantastic.
Very bright, and pretty, and well done.
Amazing work ladies!
Brilliant colours.  Well done.
Absolutely beautiful!
Absolutely beautiful. Amazing work Ladies.
Wonderful, beautiful - so much to look at and take in.  Susan, Geelong
So many hours and so much passion in this piece.
I like it!!!!!!!
They are amazing!!

Fantastic display - great work.  JS  
Absolutely Amazing.  Congratulations.
Very, very pretty - so colourful.
I might try a smaller one.  Dot.
Wow.  So inspiring.  I just want, have to do some, it's my cup of tea. Wow, wow.
This work is SO inspiring.
What a masterpiece!!!
A wonderful example of International craft co-operation.  SM
By far the best thing at the show - GROOVY   ☮  ★ 
I absolutely love this wall hanging.  Bought the  books.  Not game yet.  Don't know where to start.  Myra
Stunning - a real pleasure to look at.   Gail
I love it!  I want one!
So colourful and varied!  Thanks to all who made parts of this lovely work of art.
Amazing crocheting, it is so Beautiful.
Fantastic.  As lovely as the red poppies for ANZAC Day!
So inspiring!  Love the bright colours.  Angela
I'm awed at the hard work all contributors put into this great project.  Thanks for providing this feast for my eyes!  Joanne
I came to the fair mainly to see this piece of ART. It is so inspiring and beautiful. I myself do freeform crochet and knitting, and I love your work. Thanks!!!
Love the bright colours and different shapes, and the thought of putting it all together!  June (from Adelaide)
Absolutely stunning - Loved it!  Ann 
Spectacular - Love it!  Di
fabulous!  inspiring!! Maree (Traralgon)

This is absolutely beautiful, inspiring; it made me smile.
Absolutely fabulous.  Very creative.  Love it
What an incredible piece of work!  Susan B, Columbus, Ohio
A lovely colourful wall hanging from such a lot of people throughout the world.
Stunning, vitrant creation - from a world of talented people.  
Lovely to see.  Tricia (from NZ) and Jennie (WA) 
Just divine - I wish I was this talented.  Caitlin
Wow!  I didn't realize it was still all out there.  Shirley (NSW)
Love your work!  CREATIVE MINDS ROCK. 
Great work guys!  
I wish I had this on my wall - inspirational.
Fantastic work.

Amazing work.
Colour in drab Melbourne - thank God!!!
Love it!
A beautiful kaleidoscope
Made a special effort to find this piece.  So colourful and vibrant, use of different techniques.  Always an old hippie at heart.  Wendy, Deans Marsh
They say if you can remember it, you weren't really there!!!
What colourful creativity - and such fun too!
Wonderful day, very enjoyable, my favourite part was the wall - bright and colourful. 

A truly spectacular display.  Indescribably beautiful.
Underbelievable ;-) 
I came especially to visit my flower and all her friends.  Thanks Prudence for the amazing opportunity to collaborate.
Came just for this, and it's everything!!
All I can say is WOW!  Sally, Tatting Guild
Incredible! A wall of happiness. Lois and Tess
Absolutely FANTASTIC.  *WOW*    Amanda from Gippsland
As above..LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  Very smart ladies.   Colleen, Gippsland, Victoria
Very imaginative & spectacular.
Absolutely Amazing
What a great 'experiment' in love, free love.
Fabulous.  A stunning display of wonderfully talented artists.  Awesome does not cover the spectacle.
I could look at this for hours and discover little pieces of awesome that I hadn't noticed before.  Well done!  This is spectacularly colourful.  Sarah, South Gippsland
Great Creation. 
What an inspiration!  Fab! 
Absolutely Amazing  
It has inspired me to learn to Crochet!   Sue
Love the iconic references to many eras.
Absolutely amazing!  Inspiring!  Love it all!
Absolutely incredible.  Fantastic!

Absolutely Brilliant in ALL ASPECTS!
Stunningly Beautiful.
Absolutely fabulous - amazing.  Mayra
Stunning art work.  1 off
It is amazing to see the real thing; well done Prudence on a great job putting it all together.  Very proud to have had a hand in this. KM
Simply Amazing!! 
Even more amazing seeing it 'live' - Congratulations.  Susan from the Tatters' Guild
Really lovely.   Josie, Bairnsdale, Vic
Impressive team effort.  Well done.  Love it.
Bright, creative, imaginative, colour explosion.  Love the diversity coming together in one big organic piece.  WOW!!

What a brilliant display of a beautiful era.   
Love it!
Awe inspiring!  Love it Love it Love it.  Go flower power!
Just brilliant - what a beautiful celebration!
Amazingly fabulous.  Cristina
A feast for my Old Eyes.  Betty (86 years young) 
Wow.  Lots 'n lotsa flowers, very colourful, almost yellow brick road. 
I love the flowers so much.  Mio     

From our hearts and souls, we truly are inspired by the beauty of the creativity, and THANK YOU for bringing us JOY in the moment!  WE LOVE IT Marg & Maryanne ...(below) who, incidentally, are organizing another handcrafted tea cozy exhibition and sale at the Bundoora Homestead Art Centre in 2016, to aid the Australian Red Cross.  Deadline for submissions to 'Teavotion' is late January, and the exhibition runs from February 24 to March 20).  
I'm hoping to get something made for it this time; perhaps you can too

Awesome, beautiful and clever.
Absolutely fabulous.
The greens and botanists rejoice!
Such a wonderful piece; it is absolutely gorgeous, and very inspiring.
Wow!  how vibrantKeep up the good work!! xxx
Wonderful work, well done, great team effort.
"Phenomenal" and so much love - proof that without the "human" touch things like this can't be "manufactured" in a factory.  It's a must to keep this kind of love alive.
Absolutely beautiful.
Good team effort and well done.
I second that, and more!
It is a lovely piece.  The detail and handwork involved must have been enormous.  Truly amazing.  I wish that I was as patient as all of those involved in creating this work of art!
I think I might have been from the flower power years! Absolutely love it.  Appreciate all the hours of handwork.  GW
This is STUNNING!  Love it so much!  A very beautiful piece of art,  It is an art.  collaboration and brilliant Ideas!  Tiffany    

...the Melbourne event finished on Sunday, and now our collaborative wallhanging is now on its way north.  It will be on display again next week (Thursday to Sunday) at the Craft & Quilt Fair in Canberra ...and then it will continue on from there, to be displayed again the following week at the Stitches and Craft Fair in Newcastle 

...one final photo below, of shoppers at my retail stand at the C&Q Fair in Melbourne last week 


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

from the showing in Launceston, Tasmania

Sitting at the airport waiting for my flight home from Tasmania the other afernoon, I started to type up the latest observations that had been added to our 50 Years of Flower Power comments book...so here they all are, along with a few photos from the second showing. 

The two little girls in the first picture assured me that their hands were 'very, very clean'...so I gave them permission to get up close and personal with the artwork ;-)

Absolutely stunning; words escape me!  Christine in Bridport
Love it.  Thanks for sharing.   Julie
Beautiful work, very inspiring.  from Kellie, Taja and Joli
Very inspiring "indeed"   Roza & Liz
Very colourful.  from Roza & Liz again
Beautiful Free Form Crochet.  Aileen
What a wonderful display.  Jenny from Oatlands
Beautiful, so colourful.  Edwina
You need some from Copping, Tasmania - excellent idea.

It has that pow in it! Laura
Wow, amazing!  Susie
Just WOW!!  Carol
It looks great!  Amazing!  Diggle
Big, Bright and Beautiful  Meagan
Fabulous - takes me right back to the 60's.

Just Terrific - Beautiful!!  J. Haas
Great community art project.  Margaret
Colourful, zany, whimsical and downright FUN!
Amazing Work!  Fabulous
Love it!  Everyone is sooo creative!
So cheering, and beautiful work - a great joint effort - well done! 
So impressive.  Well done to you all!!
AWSOME, Amazing.
Stunning.  Great work.   Very creative.
A Work of Art.  Beautiful.  Memories of yrs ago.
Very striking!
Beautiful work and pieced together professionally.

Stunning!  Fantastic work people, wonderful colours - takes me back to the '60s. 
Beyond comprehension for non-crafters.
LOVELY WORK from Olivia Hibberd :-) 
How Amazing - Inspiring
Magical, beautiful, pretty, inspiring  from Abbey
WELL DONE!!  :-)
Stunning work, colourful to look at
What a great idea - a community of flowers!

How fabulous! peace, man!
Great work; congratulations to everyone involved.
luv this!  Jo
Learned to crochet back in the 1960s; but never created anything nearly as wonderful as this - it's amazing.  Christine, aka Rainbow!
Pieces (of crochet from all around the world) joined in Peace. 
Amazing - from someone who is definitely still an old hippie at heart ;-)
Wonderful.  Liz
So colourful and fun. 

Love it - so colourful and still contemporary after all these years.  Rita :-) 
Fantastic - wonderfully colourful.  Barb xx
Fabulous colours - has turned out beautifully as a large piece.
What an amazing piece(s) of work! from all those hipsters. Cathy
Beats wrapping trees with cloth and croquet like we did in NZ.  Paula
These are AWESOME!!!   
I think so too.   from Sophie
Sew Inspiring!!
Thank you to all who gave time and skill to make you feel ALIVE!  Penelope
I've seen the "virtual", now I've seen the "actual".  It is simply astonishing.  Such a body of work for a great tribute to 'flower power'  Congratulations Prudence and all who contributed.  Linda   

The piece is now on its way back to mainland Australia, and will go on show again next week as part of the Craft & Quilt Fair at the Convention and Exhibition Centre at South Wharf.   Come take a look!