Thursday, 12 February 2015

So many packages...I feel like I hit the jackpot!

Here are all of the latest contributions, a truly international mix this time.  This will be quite a long post, and the photos are in no particular order (just in the order that the packages were stacked when they were collected).

Work received this time is from:

Suzanne Barr in the UK 
Nerina Fubelli from Pisa, Italy
Ana Carrilho from Amadora, Lisbon, Portugal
Barbara Hynes, Ventura, CA, USA
Melba Vincent, Fremont, CA, USA
Nancy Toner, Kinlaugh, Eire
Karen Harris, Orange, NSW, Australia
Kerry Williamson, Semaphore Park, SA, Australia
Julia Gärtner and Alexander Forbes from Geissen in Germany

...and here are the photos:

Suzanne Barr has created a lovely lacy peace symbol with surface flowers.  Very appropriate, and totally lovely.  It is done in tubular knitting for the symbol, and crochet for the flowers and the lacy background, and it measures just under 20cm across (nearly 8"). 

next we have a gorgeous freeform flower scrumble made by Nerina Fubelli.  This piece has some of the longest bullions I have ever seen...they are just fabulous!  It is about the same width as Suzanne's piece above, and seeing them together made me think that the colours in both Nerina's and Suzanne's contributions go very well together, so they may just end up quite near each other in the finished artwork.

next, Ana Carrilho has sent the following 2 amazing crochet pieces from Portugal.  The first is a nice bright mandala-like motif that measures about 18cm (7") across, and the second is a a large, lacy freeform creation about 43cm (17") in length.  Both are just fabulous.

The first of the packages from the USA contained all of these brightly coloured pieces from Barbara Hynes.   I especially love the freeform paisley shape with the flower in the centre, but all of Barbara's pieces are very 'hippie' and I can see them all fitting in very well.  To give you an idea of size, the hearts are 10cm (4") tall and the 3-colour spiral is 18cm (7") across.

The next package from the USA contained a beautiful little piece from Melba Vincent.   She has added sparkly beads around the centre; even though they are quite transparent, they really glisten.  I also love the unusual effect she has created with the crossed stitches in the broomstick crochet round that she has done using the violet yarn; it looks terrific.  This motif is 10cm (4") across. 

Nancy Toner sent this next one from Ireland, and very nice it is too.  Mostly done in cotton yarns, with a touch of glitz, Nancy has created a gorgeous star-shaped flower with a raised centre and lots of surrounding bullions, and then she has added the sun peeping out from behind!  Gorgeous.  This one is 19cm across (about 7½").

The first of the Aussie packages in this delivery contained 2 pieces by Karen Harris.   Karen has created a very sparkly scrumble, and also the letter 'R'.  The reason for the letter is that a few of us where chatting on Ravelry and decided that we would spell out the words 'FLOWER POWER' with different people taking different letters.  (I have made a letter too, and will post a photo of mine at the end of this update; the other letters will be shown in later blog postings as they arrive).  Karen attached her name with a crochet peace symbol, too, so reallt that made 3 pieces, and I know will be put to good use too as another filler piece.  Karen's scrumble is 18cm (7") wide, and the 'R' is 33cm (13") long.

Kerry Williamson's piece is next, and she has crocheted fantastic fluro motif with a flower overlay.   Kerry has used 2 yarns together for the doily-like base, giving an almost op-art effect to the crochet stitches.  Her piece measures 24cm across (about 9½").  Again, my camera didn't want to play very well with neon colours, but the picture still gives you a pretty good idea of the fabulous effect she achieved.

and here we have a magnificent psychedelic face from Julia Gärtner and Alexander Forbes.  It's it fabulous?  I knew that Julia would create something nice and bright, since her non de plume is DadaNeon.  The piece is 45cm (18") tall, and Julia also sent a ball of German yarn in neon colours; it will definitely come in useful for crocheting chains or small motifs to fill any gaps between all the larger pieces. (Julia also sent me a postcard featuring one of her crocheted 'Nanas'...the naked one...your nudie nana definitely made me smile, Julia, and I agree that it is such a pity that some of the groups wouldn't let you share photos of her on facebook!) 

and finally, here is a photo of the letter 'P' that I made, as part of the Rav. group's 'flower power' sign which will be incorporated into the artwork.


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