Tuesday, 10 February 2015

pieces received from 3 more creative crocheters

Here are the latest arrivals, from contributors in the UK, USA and Australia:

The pieces in the first 2 photos are both from Judith Horsman in Bridlington in the UK.  Judith has crocheted an absolutely fantastic "love" sign, as well as a gorgeous floral scrumble.  The 'love' measures 31cmx13cm (about 12x5"), and the scrumble is 25cm (10") across.  

The piece in the next photo came from Maria-Elena Casey from WA (not Western Australia...that's Washington State) in the USA.   Maria-Elena has used the most amazing range of fluro/neon colours to create a heart shape - it's a wonderful psychedelic art piece.  This one measures 32cm (about 13") at its widest point.

The final photo shows a wide assortment of small but beautifully made scrumbles from Sheryl Kingsley, from Brisbane, Australia.  Sheryl has used lovely yarns, and has sent me 13 pieces in all.  I know that these are all going to be really great for filling in gaps between the larger pieces.  To give you an idea of size, the light blue spiral is about 12cm (5") tall.

Thanks so much girls.   Every piece is amazing.



  1. Wow! These really are truly so creative and unique. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. yes Tammy; all the pieces received so far are totally unique. Everyone is being so creative it is fantastic. I can't wait to see what arrives in the mail later today.


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