Thursday, 19 February 2015

3 more deliveries

Here are the latest arrivals.  These are from:

Gabrielle Rauner, Füssen,Germany
Myra Wood, Sherman Oaks, CA, USA
and Pam Birchley, Innisfail, Qld, Australia

The first photo is of Gabrielle's work.  She has sent 5 lovely flowers, and the largest has Janis Joplin in the centre!  How fantastic...I'm sure Janis will be happy in the finished artwork, surrounded by so much psychedelic goodness.  Gabrielle's 'Janis' flower measures 14cm (5½").

These next pieces are from Myra, who has sent two absolutely gorgeous scrumbles, plus a piece of matching rainbow-coloured webbing which she thought I might be able to find a use for.  I will either incorporate it somewhere, or perhaps I will use it as part of a 'frame' for the sign with all of the contributors names; we'll see.  Myra's largest scrumble measures about 23cm (9") across.

and finally for this batch, but certainly not least, these next 3 photos are all from Pam, who has sent a wonderful collection of lacy floral pieces (and she tells me she is still working on more, in a different colour scheme). The first picture shows the 3 smaller pieces, the largest of which is 20cm (8") wide, but keep scanning down...

  here is another even larger...

...and the biggest piece, in this final picture, measures 40cm (about 16") across.

I'm really loving the diversity of all of the pieces that are coming in, and hope you are enjoying the daily updates.  We freeformers certainly are a creative lot.  Wonder what the next post will bring!

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