Thursday, 12 February 2015

but wait, there's more!

Earlier today I posted photos of the pieces that came in the mail yesterday...then later today we picked up even more packages from the post office.

So I have now received goodies from these 4 contributors as well:

Kimberlee Andrews, Grand Junction, CO, USA
Bonnie Pearce, Vancouver, WA, USA
Lisbeth Johnson, Viborg, Denmark
Penny O'Neill, Moonee Ponds, Vic, Australia.

The first photo is of the gorgeous piece by Kimberlee Andrews.  She has used fantastic colours to create a lovely scrumble, one that is totally in keeping with the flower power theme.  I like the contrasts in this one, not only between the different yarns used, but also between all the circles and the petalled flower which seems to pop up unexpectedly.  It measures about 26cm (10") across.

Next is a photo of Bonnie Pearce's lovely scrumble, with lots of her trademark bullions, and I have to say that it looks as though it could easily be friends with Kimberlee's piece.  The oranges and yellows in each piece actually tone together very well, and so, like Suzanne's and Nerina's scrumbles from earlier today, I have a feeling that there is a good chance that these two might end up close together on the finished piece as well.  Bonnie's piece is 28cm (11") across.

The next one comes from Lisbeth Johnson in Denmark, and a most unusual and striking piece of crochet this one is.  Very impressive, wing-like, or perhaps a rainbow eye, this is another fabulous addition to the growing collection of psychedelic scrumbles.   It measures about 36cm (14") across.

And finally for today we have another unusual piece, this one from Penny O'Neill.  I know that Penny collects and likes to recycled interesting blingy things, and she has added lots to her piece.  She has inserted dyed tuille into crochet-covered rings, surrounded them with lots on claw-like beads, then scattered interesting bits and pieces that are all symbolic of the flower power era.  Each of the circles making up Penny's piece measures 10cm (4") across.

I'm off to Armidale for a show this weekend, so I won't be posting the next lot of photos until early next week, but I can hardly wait to see what has arrived in the post by then.


  1. I am really enjoying each of these posts Prudence. How exciting. Mmmm must get out my crochet hook and get started on mine...

    1. thanks Jenny...and yes, get out your hooks...I'll look forward to receiving something from you :-)

  2. I'm really impressed Prudence!
    Last week I sent a package from US your way, hopefully you will receive it soon!

    1. yes, I'm super impressed with everything that has come in so far too, Ming. The standard of the work and the creativity is amazing. Can't wait to see what you have sent, as I've followed your work for a long time. Will add details to the blog when it gets here.


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