Saturday, 7 February 2015

3 packages...with contributions from 5 crocheters :-)

Here are photos of what arrived in the post yesterday (sorry I didn't get around to doing the photos and posting until now!)

One package from the USA, one from NSW Australia, and the last parcel from another suburb that is quite close to me - and it contained the work of 3 friends.

The first pieces were made by Donna Walker from Salem, Oregon, USA.  Donna has made 2 gorgeous scrumbles, plus 2 extra flowers that will work well as filler pieces.  The bright pink and yellow scrumble is about 28cm (11") across, the individual flowers 7cm and 10cm respectively, and the pale pink scrumble in the second photo is, in real life, actually about same width as Donna's other piece, but a bit deeper.  What a marathon effort, Donna! Well done.

The next photo shows the work of Rose Gardner from Beechworth in Victoria, Australia.  Rose said that she joined a few smaller scrumbles together, and what an absolute beauty she produced with them.  Quite lacy and lightweight, this now larger scrumble measures about 38cm (14") across.  Rose has combined both knitting and crochet in her piece, something that I also love to do.

The next photo is of the piece made by Sheryl Caldwell from Park Ridge in Queensland, Australia.  This one is also quite lacy, and what a pretty piece it is.  It is crocheted totally in fine cotton, and it measures about 20cm (8") at its widest point.  I think that cotton looks quite familiar, Sheryl!  It really is a great yarn for crochet.


Next we have another piece from Park Ridge...this one was made by Reta Kell, who used some fabulous neon yarns.  Unfortunately my camera and the morning light didn't cooperate all that well and I found it hard to get clarity as well as get the colours right, but rest assured that it is a lovely piece, and will certainly add some 'pop' to the artwork.  Reta's piece measures 15cm (6").


and last but not least we have a fabulous hyperbolic-like 3D flower made by Gwen Peisley who is also from Park Ridge.  Again, this piece is crocheted in fabulously bright yarns, but they were not quite so neon as Reta's, so my camera coped a bit better with the pic.  Gwen's gorgeous flower measures a bit over 11cm across (about 7").

Very many thanks to you all.  And now I'll be looking forward to seeing what else turns up in the mail next week to keep all these scrumbles company! 


  1. Good to see that our contributions have arrived, and love how you have described them , Looking forward to the completed item

  2. I can't wait to see how you put them all together. I am sure it will be FABULOUS.

    1. thanks Kimberlee; i can't wait to start putting it together either :-)


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