Monday, 23 February 2015

here are the latest...

Have just found the time to sort out the photos of the latest arrivals that arrived the other day, so we can now add the following 6 names to the list:

Nanette Sarquiz, Opelika, AL, USA
Lynda Morgan, Burleson, TX, USA
Susan Ward, Covington, KY, USA
Cathy Perlmutter, South Pasadena, CA, USA
Letitia Brum, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Denise Jolly, East Brunswick, Vic, Australia

and now for the pictures:

These first pieces are of the beautiful work created by Nanette, who has sent a lovely floral scrumble, 2 Irish crochet leaves and an interesting length of crochet cord.  Nanette has sent work to me for previous exhibitions; her creations are always gorgeous, and these pieces are certainly no exception.  To give you an idea of scale, the scrumbled piece is approx. 25cm (10") in length.

The next photo is of Lynda Morgan's contribution.  Lynda says that the larger of her pieces is vaguely representative of her state, Texas, often called the lone star state, and where the colours are red, white and blue (but she has depicted the star as a flower, and in yellow (an abstract yellow rose of Texas, perhaps).  Her 'flag' piece measures 28cm (11")

This next one is from Susan.  She says all her pieces can be a tree.  I'm afraid that, ducking outside to quickly photograph them between rain showers, I popped them down with the tree trunk upside down, and in this pic. they look more like a bunch of it seems they work equally well both ways, Susan.  If they will fit into the final piece together, Susan, I will remember to position them in a more tree-like manner!  Susan's largest flower measures about 25cm (10")

Now we have Cathy's cute little flower.  Love the colours and the very abstract look that this one has.  It measures just 10cm (4"), and I'm sure there will be lots of opportunities to fit it in nicely in the finished artwork.

This next one is from Denise, and she has sent a beautiful scrumble in fabulous colours and surrounded by a couple of rounds of crochet that will really help to show her piece up in the finished artwork.  Denise says she is still working on getting freeform concepts into her head...but by the look of this piece, I would definitely say that she already has! This one is 25cm (10") at its widest point.

and finally for today, Letitia has sent the piece in the next photo, and she has created a scrumble consisting of a lovely bright floral motif joined to three freeform spirals.  I have coordinated a few other collaborative projects in the past, and this is the first piece that I have ever received from Brazil, so it's really great to see some crochet from that part of the world.  This one also measures 25cm (10") across.

Many thanks to you all for contributing.

That's it for today....wonder what will be next?


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