Monday, 16 February 2015

large or small...I love them all

Here is the latest update, and a long post it is, with lots of fabulous photos.

Packages today were from:

Debbie Rossow, Maleny, Qld, Australia
Justine Phelps, Ryalston, Vic, Australia
Shelley Dellaway, Cloverdale, Perth, WA, Australia
Jenny Brown, Oxley, Vic, Australia
Evie-May Richardson, Warrimoo, NSW, Australia
Rachael O'Brien, England
Liz Keltie, Fife, Scotland 
Liz Rollo, Glenrothes, Scotland
Annie Leonard, Le Fay, France
Gloria Burns, Auckland, New Zealand
Audrey Kaselau, Cameron, WI, USA
Beryl Maddalena, Nanuet, NY, USA
and Marilyn Kerr, Union City, CA, USA

and now for the photos:

Debbie Rossow sent an amazing 40 individual pieces; how fabulous is that?  They range in size from little 5cm (2") flowers right through to a couple of 23cm (9") scrumbles.  Absolutely fantastic colours and a great array of shapes that are all sure to fit in very well.

The next one is by Justine Phelps, and she has created a wonderful white dove, complete with flowers and a peace symbol.  It is so in keeping with the theme, and is really beautifully executed.    Justine's dove measures about 33cm (13") from the olive branch to the tip of the tail.

The next photo is of Shelley Dellaway's 'peace'; really fabulous and again it is so in keeping with the theme.  It is thrilling to see such original ideas arriving, and so well made.  The bright colours in this one are amazing, and the texture of the crochet has a real tactile quality.  This beautiful scrumble measures about 48cm (19") across.

Jenny Brown's contribution is only small, but is a lovely 3D freeform flower, and I know it is going to stand out well in the finished artwork.  I love the way the addition of the little section in the contrast colour makes the piece pop.  This one is 8cm (about 3.5") tall.

Evie-May Richardson has done a lovely lacy floral scrumble; very pretty and delicate.  I am loving the way Evie has used traditional elements but with a freeform feel.  The colours in this scrumble are gorgeous; the lime possibly a bit brighter than it appears on the screen; it is about 15cm (6") tall.

The next photo is of a simply gorgeous garland of flowers created by Rachael O'Brien.  It is a large piece, measuring nearly 70cm (27"), with lots of added beads and flower-shaped sequins.  All of the motifs are really nicely put together and the entire piece has a fabulous 'flow'.  It's going to be a beautiful addition to our artwork.

Liz Keltie is the first of 2 Liz's from Scotland whose packages turned up on the same day...quite a coincidence!  Liz has not only created a wonderful array of bright floral motifs (a dozen pieces in all), but she has also made another letter (the 'L') for the words 'flower power'.  Her larger scrumbled piece is about 13cm (5") in size, while the 'L' is 30cm (12") tall.

...and now from our other Scottish Liz.  Liz Rollo has done another of our letters (the 'E') complete with peace sign, and she has also sent a lovely asymmetrical scrumble.   The letter is again 30cm (12") tall, and the scrumble measures about 13cm (5") across.

Annie Leonard has created a bright and happy floral circle, and she wrote "quand toutes les fleurs du monde dansent ensemble une ronde" which translates to 'when all the flowers in the world dance around together'.  Exactly what all our flower power creation will be doing when it is finished!  The outside circumference of Annie's circle is about 50cm (20")

Gloria Burns tells me that she has sent her first ever attempt at freeform crochet, and a lovely little scrumble it is.  Great colours in a nicely balanced shape that will be easy to work into the finished hanging.  This one measures 17cm (about 6.5") at its widest point.

Audrey Kaselau's floral scrumble is another beauty, and I liked her accompanying note that said that it was her first time ever participating in a "happening".    These lovely spiral 'roses' will be a great addition to our finished work.  This piece measures 43cm (17") across.

Beryl Maddalena's amazing creation is next...wonderfully intricate, it would make a fabulous floral neckpiece or scarf if it weren't going into our joint artwork.  The colours are beautiful, and there is so much detail in this sophisticated piece I didn't think it would show up in a small photo, so be sure to click on the detail below to check it out in full.   Stretched out, it is just on 1m (almost 40") in length.

and finally, below, we have an amazing creation, made in 1975 by Marilyn Kerr.

I am absolutely thrilled to receive this huge vintage piece, which measures a whopping 122x90cm (about 4ftx3ft).  

Marilyn has given me carte blanche to use it as I see fit...and at the moment I am thinking that I am probably not going to join it to the other pieces.  

I feel that it should be more of an introduction to our exhibition, so I would like to display it (together with the accompanying note that Marilyn sent regarding its history) side by side with our joint artwork. 

Hope you enjoyed all of the wonderful creations that arrived today.  Wonder what tomorrow will bring!


  1. It must feel like Christmas each time you open and parcel Prudence. And wondering what will your eyes rest upon. Such lovely work.

    1. yes, it certainly does feel like that...i can hardly wait to get the parcels home from the post office to open them up
      ...but i know that if i don't photograph them as i go then i am likely to mix everything up in my excitement, and then forget who made what before i get around to posting on the blog i have been being very methodical (and not freeform at all!!) in making sure i get the correct names with each of the pieces
      ...once the details are on here, then i can start shuffling them around to see how they might like to join up eventually ;-)

    2. Hi Prudence, I have just noticed that the scrumble from Audrey Kaselau , her spiral roses, it looks the map of Australia. :)
      , how clever

    3. yes, i thought so too, when i photographed it that way up ;-)


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