Thursday, 5 February 2015

in this morning's mail

Today I received 2 lovely flowers from Brigitte Sieber who lives in Hazelbrook, NSW, Australia.

Many thanks Brigitte.  I can see them fitting in very well, when it comes time for me to start putting everything together.

Brigitte says that both flower motifs are completely her own work/pattern.  I love the colours, especially the bright golden yellow that really makes the red one 'pop', and I also particularly like the raised bullions in the centre of the pink/maroon one (yes, I have to admit that I'm rather partial to crochet bullions).

They each measure about 15cm (6") across.

I did think it quite strange that I received 2 packages in 2 days from 2 different Brigittes, and both from NSW...anyone would think it was a particularly common name here, but it's not all that common (although I will concede that there are rather more of them than there are Prudences!)

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