Monday, 2 February 2015

Second flower power scrumble received

Just picked up this gorgeous flower power scrumble.  Aren't the colours fabulous?

It was sent by Jenny Lawson from Churchill in Victoria, Australia. 

Many thanks Jenny.   I know you were worried that it was taking rather a long time to get here, but now it is safe and sound and will be waiting patiently for even more to arrive soon.

I put it next to the one that I received from Gwenda the other day, and they go together beautifully.  I could join them up now...

...but I won't; not just yet!  I'll be patient and wait for some more pieces to arrive before I start thinking about the joining.

Jenny's piece measures 28cm across (11")


  1. How exciting, they are starting to arrive!

    1. yes, the first of the Aussie pieces; i wonder how soon the first package from overseas gets here

  2. That green is absolutely glowing - is it one of those fluoro fibre yarns?

    1. Jenny has used very vibrant neon colours; not glow-in-the-dark, but they certainly glow well in the light!!


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