Sunday, 1 March 2015

Yet another 7 contributions...but a bit of a gap until my next blogpost

Here we have the most recent arrivals; from 7 participants.  quite a few of whom said that they were only new to freeforming (but you'd never guess it by their work). 

This time our contributors are:

Lubna Mohacht, Thiene, Italy
Maria Yvell, Skarpnack, Sweden
Jo-Ann Larkins, Moe, Vic, Australia
Marianne Kruse, Billum, Denmark
Lene Thomsen, Bramming, Denmark 
Laura Collins, Poole, Dorset, UK
Dianne McDonald, Eugene, Oregon, USA

first up is Lubna's neon scrumble.  Her contribution positively pulsates with psychedelic energy.  Beautiful craftsmanship, and I am guessing that the shops in Italy must be selling some amazing yarns in clean, clear fluro tones; I have never seen such a lovely neon colour palette. This fantastic piece measures 20cm (8") across.

Maria has created two bright and lacy peace symbols, with little flowers and a heart attached.  Really nicely done, and I am really loving the number of peace signs I have been receiving.  Both of these are gorgeous; the larger one measures 14.5cm (5½").

Jo-ann has sent a pretty floral circle; lots of lovely textures in this piece.  I don't often put white in with brighter colours myself, but I really like the contrast of colours in this piece.  It measures 17cm (about 6½").

Marianne and Lene are friends, and their pieces arrived in the same package.  They have created quite different scrumbles, but both of these crocheters have incorporated a little Danish flag in their designs.  Marianne's contribution is very vibrant, with some areas worked in Tunisian crochet.  It measures 16cm (6-and-a-bit inches).

...and Lene's piece has a section of garter stitch knitting at the centre, and she has partly surrounded it with crocheted flowers.  Many of the yarns she has used produce a soft halo, so even though the colours are bright, they all seem to blend together softly.  This one is also about 16cm long (6-and-a-bit again).

Laura has created an interesting scrumbled piece with a large and subtly coloured circle motif that has a bright centre.  She has also sent a small peace symbol, plus an interesting crochet flower with a spiral centre.  The scrumble is about 26cm (10"), and the peace sign just 6cm (2½").

Dianne's contribution finishes off the photos for today.  This is quite a three-dimensional scrumble, with some of the flowers added to the surface, but the yarns she has chosen still make for a lovely soft piece.  She has added crystals and a butterfly button to the centres of a couple of her flowers.  It's about 24cm (9½").

When I get back from the show that I am at this week, I imagine that there will be quite a lot more parcels to open; and a couple of people have said that they will be dropping off their contributions to me at the show here too... expect lots of photos again in about a week.  I'll do my best to blog about them all in a timely manner soon after I get back.


  1. Yay. It got there. Thanks for the nice comments prudence.

  2. I agree with you on the color for Lubna's piece. It is the lovely combination of so many saturated colors that make it go together so well.


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