Wednesday, 4 March 2015

starting to think about the joining

Well, I thought that a few of the blog readers might be going into flower power scrumble withdrawal at the moment, what with me not being able to collect any new packages from the post office at all this week...

so here, for your viewing pleasure, is a photo that I took late last week when I laid some of the pieces out, and I made a bit of a start on the joining.  

I was also shuffling other pieces around then, too, sorting them into piles of similar colours, so I possiby I will add a few more pictures in a day or two, too.

The piece above is how all of those scrumbles will stay for the final artwork, but the other photos I will post tomorrow or the next day will not be of any final arrangements ('cause I packed all those other pieces up into lots of bags when I was finished, but without pinning any of them together yet).  Will wait to see what else arrives before I make a final decision on all the other bits.

...but perhaps you will get to see your piece here already in this photo, having fun, and getting to know all its new friends!! enjoy!     :-)


  1. Deborah Likens Christy4 March 2015 at 06:03

    Don't see mine yet...should be there soon I hope! How very fun it all looks! And to think...from all over the world...joined together...making something beautiful! Just how our lives should be! Peace and love back at you!

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