Monday, 9 March 2015

a few possible combinations

Here are a few photos that I took before I headed off to a show last week, when I sorted all the scrumbles that had arrived so far, and put similar coloured pieces together.  It was busy show, so I've only just gotten the chance to add them to the blog.

The arrangements in the following photos are probably nothing like the way they actually will be assembled once ALL of the pieces have arrived, but it is interesting to contemplate how everything might fit together.

Do you see any of your own pieces here?

Doesn't it all look amazing?

I am hoping the flight is on time, so that I get back before the post office closes this afternoon, and I can pick up everything that has arrived in my absence.  

Am expecting that there will be quite a few new scrumbles amongst the mail. 

Once I get the latest packages, I will list the names of the creators of all the new works...but it might take a day or two before I have time to do all the new photos, so you'll just have to be patient with me ;-)


  1. Looks great! And I am so pleased to see my piece arrived (second photo with stitched sequins)

  2. Sheryl Caldwell9 March 2015 at 07:14

    They all look amazing, Prudence, and found mine in the first one. I like all of the little hearts scattered around. Such amazing work from so many talented people and for you to put them altogether, well don. Can't wait until we can see the finished article.

  3. Good day Prudence... I know I am cutting this close... we had our club meeting today and collected the last of the flowers our members have made... I will be shipping them out tomorrow... I know your deadline date was noted as 3/8/15... I will send the pieces via the fastest way possible to you... This is the Happily Hooked on Crochet Club from Danbury CT USA, Margaret H. is one of our members... We can't wait to see the finished piece. I met you in NYC a few years ago, we had lunch together w/ Margaret, you, Dee Stanziano and a couple of other people. So privileged to have met you. Grace Gardiner, Pres. of the HHCC

    1. No problem, Grace; happy to know that you and other members of the HHCC are contributing. I will look forward to the arrival of your pieces. I, too, have fond memories of my visits to NYC, and of lunching with you all down near Grand Central Station that time too.

  4. You really do have an amazing "eye" !!!!

  5. Just heard about this one...fantastic work good luck putting them all together Prudence x


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