Thursday, 12 March 2015

nothing for a couple of days...but then....

I was starting to get scrumble withdrawal, with nothing at the post office for a day or two...but we now have packages from 23 more contributors.   

Just the names for coming soon ;-)

Amy Carter, Atlanta, GA, USA

Andrea Graham, Pound Hill, Crawley, UK

Ann Jensen, Bathurst, NSW, Australia

Cathy Lansley, Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia

Emilie Fauershov, Horsens, Denmark

Fiona Green, Bathurst, NSW, Australia

Jeanine Ethridge, Eugene, OR, USA

Kathryn Gunn, Lower Mitcham, SA, Australia

Kimberly Young, Fairport, NY, USA

Lee Backx, Breda, Netherlands

Lena Knudsen, Holte, Denmark

Marie-Christine Goss, Angliers, France

Marnie Mason, Millthorpe, NSW, Australia

Miriam Sharp, Highfields, Qld, Australia

Natli Yoshta, Ukraine

Renee Rodgers Bruno, AR, USA

Rita Cavallaro, Messina, Italy

Saundra L. Weed, Dearborn, MI, USA

Tracy Sorensen, Bathurst, NSW, Australia

Twisted Threads Textile Group, Mt Gambier, SA, Australia

Urmie D. Seenarine, Sth Richmond Hill, NY, USA

Vianne Tourle, Bathurst, NSW, Australia

Viv Jones, Walthamstow, London, England

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  1. So proud to be a part of this project. Thanks Prudence. Very chuffed to see my name.


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