Saturday, 14 March 2015

here are all the latest arrivals

Presenting all of the latest offerings, and it appears that we have quite a bit more knitting incorporated into many of these pieces along with the crochet, which is great to see.  

First up today we have an amazing abstract and windmill-like flower from Amy Carter who lives in Atlanta, GA, USA.   This lovely piece is about 16cm (6½") across.

Next is the work of Andrea Graham, from Pound Hill, Crawley, UK, and she has created a lovely long narrow scrumble that is chockablock full of densely packed flowers.  This piece measures 30cm across (12").

Ann Jensen from Bathurst, NSW, Australia has sent 3 very different but all equally gorgeous scrumbles.  Two measure about 30cm (12") across, plus another is 32cm (12½").  Lots of lovely texture in all of these pieces.

Cathy Lansley from Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia has sent a great sampler style scrumble with lots of knitted sections plus added crochet and some embroidered flowers.  This one measures about 25cm (10").

Emilie Fauershov is from Horsens in Denmark, and she has crocheted an amazing abstract portrait of a '60s flower child, complete with lots of flowers in her hair.  This terrific piece is 33cm (13") tall.

Next is Fiona Green's piece; she is another of the 5 girls from around Bathurst, NSW, Australia, who all sent their scrumbles in together.  Her nice woolly flower motif measures about 13cm (5") across.

Jeanine Ethridge from Eugene, OR, USA, has created a large and lovely pink floral scrumble, with some really beaut flower shapes that have been highlighted  in yellow and black.  This piece measures about 48cm (18").

Kathryn Gunn from Lower Mitcham in South Australia has sent along a dainty little knitted purple heart with sparkly silver leaves.  Kathryn says she made it long ago for a 'Beatles song competition'.  This one is 12cm (4½") tall.

Kimberly Young from Fairport, NY, USA, has sent a beautiful scrumble that measures 29cm (11½"), plus an amazing range individual flowers - 36 of them in all!  The flowers range in size from 4cm (1½") up to 11cm (4½").

Lee Backx from Breda in The Netherlands has surrounded a central spiral motif with some lovely orange floral pieces.  This interesting and brightly coloured piece measures 25cm (10") across.

Lena Knudsen is from Holte in Denmark, and her bright and happy scrumble is another one that has a very '60s feel about it.  This one measures 32cm (12½") across.

Marie-Christine Goss from Angliers in France has used brioche knitting to create her piece, and has then added a crochet border and some embroidered flowers.  Because brioche techniques produce a reversible fabric, I have photographed both sides.  This piece measures 14cm (5½").

Marnie Mason from Millthorpe, NSW, Australia (another of the group from around Bathurst) has made this great little floral landscape scrumble.  It is about 18cm (7") across.

Miriam Sharp from Highfields, Qld, Australia, has freeformed 3 exciting scrumbles, each one very different to the others.  The centre one with all the bullions measures close to 12cm (nearly 5") in height, and each of the others is about 18cm (7")


Natli Yoshta from the Ukraine has created a very intricate and detailed scrumble, complete with lots of flowers and a great rainbow.  The has used some nice fine yarns; the delicate variegated mohair looks fabulous in the leafy shapes.  This piece measures 40cm (16").

Renee Rodgers (aka Crochet Renee) from Bruno, AR, USA has sent a knitted leaf and a crochet flower that appear to have been copper-plated...very interesting.  She also made 4 lovely, sparkly yarn flowers, complete with sequins.  The largest wooly flower measures 15cm (6"), the copper crochet one is just 2.5cm (1"), and the knitted leaf about 6" (2½").

Next we have the work of Rita Cavallaro from Messina, Italy.  I've always loved the freeform hats that she creates.  Her flower power scrumble is so tactile; just look at how luscious and 3D the centres of the sunflowers are.  This one measures 36cm (14").

Saundra L. Weed's interesting scrumble also has knitted sections together with the crochet, and it also ncludes a fabulous and fringey flower made from recycled plastic bags.  Saundra is from Dearborn, MI, USA, and her piece measures 35cm (14").

Tracy Sorensen from Bathurst, NSW, Australia has sent a most unusual and very interesting abstract flower that has been crocheted in great colours.  This piece measures about 26cm (10") across.

Julianne Woodruff (co-ordinator) and The Twisted Threads Textile Group in Mt Gambier, South Australia, have sent 3 pieces; a crochet flower and a floral scrumble, plus a wonderful stitched and crochet piece complete with ribbon flowers and padded velvet hearts.  The fabric piece is 23cm (9") long, and the green scrumble is 18cm (7").

Urmie D. Seenarine from Sth Richmond Hill, NY, USA, has packed a lot of interest into her scrumble, with so many interesting crochet flowers, all with vintage button centres.  She has stiffened the leaves with twist ties. This piece is 37cm (14½").

Next up, here are five fabulous 'ban the bomb' symbol floral pieces from Vianne Tourle, another of the Bathurst contributors.  The largest of her 5 pieces measures about 13cm (5").

and our final pieces for today is from Viv Jones from Walthamstow, London, England, who has sent a great and very textural scrumble plus 4 little freeform flower motifs.  Her larger piece is  about 18cm (around 7") and the flowers range in size from 16cm (6½") down to 6cm (2½")

I was a bit slow getting the photos up this time, so they are a day late and we have actually now collected the next batch as well, so soon I will also be adding the work of 4 more contributors:

Lenette Drury, Akua Lesli Hope, Aurora Messina and Karen C.K. Ballard. 

Am hoping to get those photos done and posted here later today.


  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to see combined!

  2. Thank you Prudence for photographing and commenting so kindly on each piece.
    Participating has definitely encouraged me to explore more about freeform crochet.
    Thank you! VT


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