Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Finally, photos of the 40 from the other day

Wow, this blog post is going to be a long one, but worth looking all the way through as it is full of absolutely amazing scrumbles.

I'll try to be brief with my comments today since there are so many pieces, but right from the first arrivals I have very much enjoyed reading everyone's letters and messages.  I think I will print out some quotes from many of them to display at the exhibition.  They will be credited, and I can add them to the blog once all the pieces have arrived, too.

To begin the photos, here is a snap of all the envelopes we collected from the post office when we arrived back:

and now for all of the scrumble pictures...

firstly, from “dianne from Norway”

Great 'movement' in the larger of these first 2 scrumbles, with it's interesting wing-like sections; it measures 27cm (10½”); and Annette has also created the letter ‘R’ for our Flower Power sign. 

Anthea Freshwater, Potts Point, NSW, Australia

Anthea says she is very new to crochet, but she has definitely done a great job with this pretty heart scrumble, which measures 15cm (6”).

Cathy Jeffers, Centerville, OH, USA

This is a large and extremely textural piece.   Cathy has created a really touchable scrumble that is just as interesting on the wrong side as it is on the right side.  This one measures in at 70cm (or just over 27”).

Heather Champ, Boring, OR, USA
The bright and happy sun/face scrumble measures 28cm (11") across, and it has such personality!   I adore the expression captured by the embroidered stitches.  The pretty little heart  in the 2nd photo is 9cm (3½”) long, not including the tassel

Clara Nelson, Cave Creek, AZ, USA

Both of Clara's fabulously ruffly stylized flowers almost appear to be spinning - very psychedelic! They are in fabulous colours too.   They measure 15cm (6”) and 30cm (12”) respectively.

Debbie Garman, Garden Suburb, NSW, Australia

Debbie has created a very 3D piece, in great colours and with lots of lovely texture.  An extremely tactile piece, this one measures 22cm (9”)

Deb Likens Christy, Franklin, NC, USA

Deb's nice bright heart measures 20cm (8”), not counting the tassel.  I like the way she has gone from a 'granny square' type centre straight into creating the heart shape.

Deidre Baynes, Co. Cork, Ireland

Deidre has sent 5 lovely scrumbles, the first an interesting banner-like piece, plus 4 circular pieces with lots of texture in.  The 2 largest pieces (the banner/shield shape and biggest of the circles) both measure about 23cm (9’)



Geraldine Alix, Aix les Bains, France
There's such a lot going on in this textural scrumble, so be sure look closely, Geraldine has combined her handspun yarns with wrapping, coiling, beading and crochet bullions, plus a cute little knitted and padded ball threaded onto crochet-covered wire.   This piece measures 27cm (about 10½")

Gill Jackson, Takanini, New Zealand
Gill's bright floral piece measures about 30cm (12") across.  She has started her heart and one of the flowers with a typical granny square centre, too, in the same way as Deb above, and has combined them with some other lovely freeform leaves and flowers.

Gina Wall, Mt Omaney, Qld, Australia
Gina's adorable flower has an interesting pendant piece attached, that incorporates both braiding and crochet using a variety of different colour threads. A very interesting freeform combination, this one is 23cm (9") across.

Gloria Burns, Auckland, New Zealand
Gloria's gorgeous and bright scrumble has lots of beads and spangles, both added and incorporated in some of the yarn; the colour of the lime green yarn she has used is really fabulous.  This one is also 23cm (9") across.

Jacqui Galloway, Harrogate, Nth. Yorks., England
Asymmetrical but very nicely balanced, Jacqui has crocheted a most artistic freeform flower with a knitted cord for the stem, and very textural leaves.  This is a very striking scrumble; about 25cm (10") tall.

Jessica Smith, Jimboomba, Qld, Australia
This one is from the first of the 3 Smith girls from Jimboomba.  Jessica has begun in an interesting way with a square spiral, which begins to round off in a freeform manner as it continues outwards.  This piece is about 18cm (7").


Kathryn Vercillo, San Francisco, CA, USA
Kathryn is the author of the book 'Crochet Saved My Life' (check it out on Amazon), and also the fabulous crochetconcupiscence blog; her lovely scrumble measures 30cm (12") across.

Kathy Conway, Baldwin, NY, USA
Kathy has sent 7 terrific pieces.  The first 4 flowers used lengths of the RPL crochet cord to form the petals.  The biggest of her other flowers (the one under the heart-shaped shooting star) is 20cm (8"), and the flower with the stalk in the last photo is approximately 28cm (11") tall.


Kay L. Adalphson, Lilydale, Vic, Australia
Next we have an amazing and very pictorial crochet creation from Kay...great colours and a very graphic freeform design.  Very '60s, this fabulous piece is 25cm (10") across.

Lana Trevor, Hereford, England
This unusual piece from Lana is wired at the back, and so the rainbow will be able to stand out from the main work; I know it is going to look just fabulous!  This one measures 38cm (15") from the tip of the cloud to the rainbow's end.

Leonie Tucker, Mt Evelyn, Vic, Australia
Leonie has sent 3 very interesting ruffled flowers; all very freeform, in great colour combinations and with lots of texture.  The largest of these 3 scrumbly pieces measures 13cm (5") at its widest point.


Margaret Moore, The Villages, FL, USA
Margaret's brightly coloured abstract flower is extremely luscious, and definitely has a very tropical almost looks alive!  This one measures about about 16cm (6")

Marijke Plukker and Monique Faase, Almere, Netherlands
Marijke and Monique have worked together on the next amazing piece...great combination of colours, with lots of 'mellow yellow'.  Fantastic work, and so in keeping with the theme...this one measures nearly 60cm (24") across.

Marina Hoffstrom, Lapptrask, Finland
Marina has been busy, and has sent in 16 pieces in all; well done!  The largest is the round yellow motif with the spiral centre in the 3rd photo; it's 27cm (10½") across.  The sections of bunting are each about 20cm long (8")...they won't be arranged around her stiffened peace sign in that way, but I thought it worked well for the photo.

Marsha Weinerman, South Boston, MA, USA
Marsha has created a very pretty piece that she has named the 'Boston Blizzard Flower Scrumble'.  It measures 22cm (nearly 9"), and I imagine she enjoyed being able to stay indoors and crochet when MA had all that awful snowy weather recently. 

Maryellen Cudney, Vermilion, OH, USA
Maryellen has created a very lovely garland of unusual freeform flowers.  This is quite a three-dimensional floral piece, but even so it is lacy and therefore quite lightweight; it measures almost 50cm (19")

Mitsuko Tonouchi, Tokyo, Japan
Mitsuko's work is always fabulous, and the delicately beautiful floral piece that she has created for this project is no exception.  Very detailed, and done in gorgeous yarns, her scrumble measures about 26cm (just over 10"). 

Oak@Coromandel Valley, S.A., Australia
Again, no first name for this one, just what was on the package, so if you are reading here let me know what you would like for your name on the list of contributors.  This graphic piece definitely has a real vintage feel; very hippy! It is about 40cm (nearly 14") long.

Pam Birchley, Innisfail, Qld, Australia (this is Pam’s 2nd package)
Pam had already mailed a package, but she has also now sent another 2 gorgeous scrumbles.  Her work is always detailed, well thought out and meticulously executed, and all of the yarns she has chosen are top quality.  The larger piece measures 25cm (10") and the leafy one is 20cm (8").

R. Lisa Stanton, Kenneth City, FL, USA
Lisa has chosen some beautiful yarns for her scrumble too, and there lots of interesting stitches and techniques in this very pretty piece as well.  This is another very tactile creation, and it measures about 35cm across (14").

Saffron Smith, Jimboomba, Qld, Australia
Another of the Smith clan from Jimboomba, Saffron has crocheted a very pretty pink floral scrumble that measures around 18cm (7") at its widest point.  I like the little yellow detail on the hot pink flower...stamen or tiny butterfly?


Shannon Hunter, Tamborine, Qld, Australia
This next one is a lovely big bright piece, measuring in at 56cm (22").  Even though it is so big, it is still a light and lacy scrumble, with the smaller flowers that are on the surface of the mesh stitches adding interest and dimension


Sharyn McNab, Moonee Ponds, Vic, Australia
Lots of very interesting freeformed circular motifs go to make us this next piece from Sharyn.  The colours almost seem to pulsate in this fab psychedelic scrumble, which is about 36cm(14") at its widest point.

Sheryl Means, Richmond, TX, USA
This is a beautifully made and well balanced fact it is so well balanced that I had a hard time deciding which way up to put it when I photographed it.  It looked just fabulous and 'right' whichever way it was sitting.  This way up, it is about 48cm (15") tall.

Siets Osinga, Leewarden, Netherlands
Usina an interesting combination of circles and straight(-ish) lines, Siets has created a bright and unusual scrumble that is very striking.  It measures about 24cm across (nearly 10")

Sonia Domingos, Massama, Portugal
Sonia has created another very interesting and graphic scrumble, with it's heart at the centre and its 2 embracing friends.  With lots of interesting stitches and textures, this is quite a large piece, measuring some 54cm (21").

Stephanie Wan, Paddington, Qld, Australia
Stephenie has sent a great variety of pieces; the rainbow scrumble under the heart below is 19cm (7"), but she has also done the W and the O (complete with web) to help spell out Flower Power, using some very original ideas.  Love them all.

Suzanne Hipwell, Chermside West, Qld, Australia
Three great motifs in a range of techniques; a crochet heart (again, with the granny square centre), a flower with an i-cord centre and stem and crocheted petals, and a butterfly with glittery pipecleaner feelers. The heart piece is 15cm (6") tall.

Veronica Smith, Jimboomba, Qld, Australia
A very gorgeous mandala-type motif, crocheted in lovely bright colours, from the 3rd crocheting member of the Smith clan.  This beautiful piece is 30cm (12") across.

Vicky Ledwy, Clermont, Qld, Australia
Vicky had created a lovely freeform paisley shape, complete with flowers, peace symbol, rainbow and corkscrew tassels.  This one measures 36cm (14"), not including the two dangly bits

and finally for today, our last gorgeous scrumble, crocheted by Wendy Seddon, from Bendigo, Vic, Australia. 
This one has a soft and squishy centre, and I love the unusual padded 'bud'.  It is about 44cm (17") tall.


  1. Wow, so much inspiration in this group of photos. My eyes are watering from the bright colors on a white background, but I couldn't resist reading all the comments anyway. I wish I'd known about the project sooner so I could have done something fancier or more amazing but I did my best to add my wee bit. What a brilliant idea.

  2. so nice to see all the pieces back together. I'm so curious how the whole will look like. Marijke Plukker, Nederland

  3. Hi Prudence Fantastic to see all these beautiful Flower Power pieces together, wow! It is great to know that our piece has traveled all the way to Australia! Just a small detail, My surname is Faase. I think my handwriting was not very clear.... sorry! Greetings from The Netherlands, Monique Faase

    1. very sorry...thanks for letting me know. I have fixed it up now.

  4. This piece is going to be so beautiful :)

  5. "Champ, Boring, OR, USA (sorry, but that was the only name on the envelope! let me know if you would like it changed)"

    I'm sorry I didn't include my full name on the inside. It's Heather Champ. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. not a problem; I have added your first name now, both here and to the draft of the ever-growing list that will be displayed with the artwork. thanks


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