Monday, 9 March 2015

contriibutions delivered in person at a show last week

Here are photos of the Flower Power pieces that were dropped off to me on the first day of the Stitches & Craft show at Rosehill last week.

Marilyn has crocheted a beaut flower, plus this fabulous marihuana leaf...I love it!

Jodie did a lovely bright floral scrumble complete with peace symbol. 

and Edna brought a box containing 4 gorgeous pieces, with a lot of the crochet, especially on the last 2, done in very fine thread...such a lot of stitches, and they look fabulous

These all photographed just before I left the hotel for the airport, but I will report in again tonight with a list of all the other contributors whose packages are collected from the post office when we get back, and hopefully will be able to get onto doing all the other new photos tomorrow.


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