Monday, 9 March 2015

names of the latest contributors

We picked up Flower Power scrumbles from 40 more crocheters this afternoon, just before the post office closed.

By the time I shopped for groceries and got home and started making a list of the names, it was getting too dark for decent photos, so I will sort them out some time tomorrow...but in the meantime, here is a list of of all of the latest arrivals:

Anthea Freshwater, Potts Point, NSW, Australia

Cathy Jeffers, Centerville, OH, USA

Clara Nelson, Cave Creek, AZ, USA

Debbie Garman, Garden Suburb, NSW, Australia

Deborah Likens Christy, Franklin, NC, USA

Deidre Baynes, Co. Cork, Ireland
“dianne from Norway”

Geraldine Alix, Aix les Bains, France

Gill Jackson, Takanini, New Zealand

Gina Wall, Mt Omaney, Qld, Australia

Gloria Burns, Auckland, New Zealand
Heather Champ, Boring, OR, USA

Jacqui Galloway, Harrogate, Nth. Yorks., England

Jessica Smith, Jimboomba, Qld, Australia

Katherine Vercillo, San Francisco, CA, USA

Kathy Conway, Baldwin, NY, USA

Kay L. Adalphson, Lilydale, Vic, Australia

Lana Trevor, Hereford, England

Leonie Tucker, Mt Evelyn, Vic, Australia

Margaret Moore, The Villages, FL, USA

Marijke Plukker, Almere, Netherlands

Marina Hoffstrom, Lapptrask, Finland

Marsha Weinerman, South Boston, MA, USA

Maryellen Cudney, Vermilion, OH, USA

Mitsuko Tonouchi, Tokyo, Japan

Monique Faase, Almere, Netherlands

Oak @ Coromandel Valley, S.A., Australia

Pam Birchley, Innisfail, Qld, Australia (this is Pam’s 2nd package)

R. Lisa Stanton, Kenneth City, FL, USA

Saffron Smith, Jimboomba, Qld, Australia

Shannon Hunter, Tamborine, Qld, Australia

Sharyn McNab, Moonee Ponds, Vic, Australia

Sheryl Means, Richmond, TX, USA

Siets Osinga, Leewarden, Netherlands

Sonia Domingos, Massama, Portugal

Stephanie Wan, Paddington, Qld, Australia

Suzanne Hipwell, Chermside West, Qld, Australia

Veronica Smith, Jimboomba, Qld, Australia

Vicky Ledwy, Clermont, Qld, Australia

Wendy Seddon, Bendigo, Vic, Australia

Am missing a couple of first names as they weren't on or in the envelopes, so if anyone wants to clarify, just let me know...and I hope I have spelled everything else correctly; happy to correct if need be; just get in touch.

And I'm adding that there are fabulous things in all of the packages...I've taken a peep!!


  1. The girl in is Cave Creek..(.Clara Nelson, Cove Creek, AZ, USA)

    1. many thanks for putting me right; i have fixed it up to the correct place name now :-)


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