Sunday, 15 March 2015

we have 4 more!

Here are photos of all of the fabulous pieces that were in the latest 4 packages:

Karen C. K. Ballard from Manassas, VA, USA, has used thread to crochet the most amazing Peter Max portrait, complete with sunburst, planets, stars, white dove and 'love'.  She also made a lovely paisley scrumble.   Both are fantastic.   The portrait is 45cm (18") tall, and the paisley is just over 20cm (8").

Akua Lezli Hope from Corning, NY, USA, has sent a total of 25 individual flower motifs in a nice mix of colours.  They range in size from about 5cm (2") to 15cm (6").

Lenette Drury of Neutral Bay, NSW, Australia, has sent a delightful square scrumble, done in a combination of crochet and knitting, with a little embroidery added.  This one measures 14cm (5½).

and Aurora Messina from Eltham North, Victoria, Australia has mailed a second package, this time containing  a most delightful abstract flower together with 4 more smaller pieces.  The large one measures 28cm (11") across, and the
smallest flower is just over 5cm (2")

The deadline for mailing any more contributions is well past by now, but I am sure that there are still quite a few packages in the mail, so I am looking forward to seeing what arrives at the post office after the weekend.  

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  1. Wow! I am enjoying following your scrumbles and sad that I was unable to participate this year. What an amazing job done by everyone. :-)


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