Saturday, 4 July 2015

On show later this week in Launceston, Tasmania

Our 50 Years of Flower Power collaborative artwork soon will have its second showing...

...later this week at the Craft & Quilt Fair at the Silverdome in Launceston, Tasmania

When it was displayed for the first time, in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, the retail part of the show was busy, so I really didn't get much of a chance to pick up the camera to take photos, but here are a few, interspirsed with all the comments that were written in the 'guest book'

"Congratulations! What an amazing achievement from everybody."
"Very inspiring, and very groovy." 
"Wonderful display"
"Fantastic, Wonderful"
"Just wonderful!!"
"Brings a smile to your face.  Wonderful"
"Wow.  Just beautiful!"
"Simply physchedalic (spelling??).  Brightens anyone's day.  Just fantastic."
"Beautiful - I was a flower power girl"
"Extraordinary display!! Wow!!"
"Fantastic, Amazing and beautifully creative display!"
"Fantastic arrangement"

"Simply stunning - amazing piece of art - wow!!!"
"Absolutely gorgeous - Amazing !!!"
"LOVE!!!  Fabulous!!"
"Fab Darling   :-)   "
"Love your works"
"Just Beautiful - does make you smile and feel happy"
"Amazing and such a great amount of work putting it together."
"Thank you for sharing your talent, art and passion!"
"Beautiful! and Lovely!!"
"AMAZING! Well Done. I have never seen anything like this...EVER"
"We loved our course with you.  I wonder if we could make something as ambitious and amazing as this." all the girls in the EFTAG group "I'm sure you could"

"This is amazing!  Made my day!"
"Absolutely 'blown away' by this!!"
"I'm so grateful I wasn't on the assembly line; it would have been quite a challenge..but a most rewarding one; it's amazing."
"Amazing, glad to see I'm not the only one still crocheting"
"So spectacular - I was blown away with this amazing display."
"Joy of colour - lifts the soul - inspirational creativity"
"very good"
"Just AMAZING.  bring back the '60s!"
"absolutely amazing - so many talented colourful people"
"Best exhibit of the day!  Beautiful,"

"Wow!  Awesome!!  I feel INSPIRED!"
"Cool man!"
"So spectacular!!  Bellissimo!!"
"Credit goes to Pru Mapstone for joining all these gorgeous crochet pcs together.  Good on you Pru"
"LOVE IT!!  Fabulous colours - gorgeous designs"
"Very intriguing to look at.  You could spend hours!?
"Love all your flower power - great job everyone"
"Absolutely fantastical"
"Wonderful, Thank you"
"Exquisite - what fun"
"Absolutely Beautiful - Lovely Work"
"Magnificent work.  Well done"
"A fun keepsake.  Well Done:
"Beautiful colourful art...Love it"
"Absolutely Stunning!  Great work everyone!"
"Beautiful, Stunning, absolutely amazing"
"Fabulous effort"
"It's great to see all the colour and creativity."
"Wonderful!! Such inspiration"

"Incredible work! Well done"
"Really great"
"Wonderful - Great teamwork.  Loved it."
"Brings back memories in London!"
"Very bright, colourful and cheerful:
"What a wonderful display of talend and colour:
"Amazing work.  Skill and patience showing."
"PEACE - Love it.  Thank you to all those crever crafters?"
"Absolutely inspiring. Thank you so much for all your effort. I could look at this for hours."
"Absolutely incredible!  Such an amazing piece of work."
"Saw this on FB First, and that is what got me to the Fair.  Fabulous work!  Congrats."
"Far out man!  Totally groovy!  Thanks for all the love and inspiration.
"Inspirational!  I just get a warm and fuzzy feeling!  Just wonderful.  Thank you for all the love this masterpiece makes me feel."
"Wonderful.  I appreciate all the hard work and love that went into the making of it."

"Amazing work.  It looks beautiful."
" LOVE IT!!"
"It's great but why no South African contributors?"  
"Fantastic.  What a beautiful work of art.  xx"
"Simply divine, would absolutely love it on my wall."
"I think they are amazing, I would love to have one on my bed"
"All that work!  Lovely!"
"Amazing colours"
"Stunning.  Very creative."
"This is a true work of art.  Thank you."
"So much passion and love contained in one artwork.
 "  :-)  !"
"So much hard work, but enjoyment from doing such a beautiful work."
"Fantastic!! so hard to do, amazing"
"Unbelievable.  So beautiful"
"Absolutely stunning!!"
"Wonderful work"
"Very inspiring"
"Very Inspiring!!  Thank You!"

"Go girls go! Fantastic work!"
"Great to see"
"beautiful and neat and just perfect"
"What a great project.  Very colourful"
"Fabulous feeling to be a small contributor to such a fabulous work.  Thank you Prudence for your massive undertaking to put it all together."
"Sensational, Inspiring and Fun"
"A fun, happy piece - great!"
"Fabulous and inspiring..."
"Inspiring, Beautiful"
"Absolutely Magnificent - what an achievement"
"Just stunning, not to mention a wonderful reminder of the '70s!"
"A wonderful display of colour - a feast for my eyes!  Thank you."
"It was brilliant and colourful"
"fantastic.  congratulations"
"Amazing - extremely talented"
"Incredible!  Truly amazing"
"a pleasure to see", contributors, know that all your hard work was most definitely appreciated, enjoyed and very much photographed by visitors to the show. 

The comments book will continue to travel with the artwork to other shows(...but I might just photograph the pages in future, to save myself from so much typing!!)







  1. My fav pic? The one where the delighted faced lady is taking pix on her phone! This cooperative work just bubbles with joy!

  2. Sheryl Caldwell5 July 2015 at 16:46

    Just amazing work my all, and once you know where you own piece is, its keeps "popping" at you. Well done Prudence for coming up with the idea and then putting it all together. Such a very Happy Piece of Art.

  3. Just gorgeous Prudence! Quite a collaboration! Wish I'd joined in.

  4. What a remarkable feat, thank you SO much for all your hard work. This is pure joy. X

  5. It's marvellous and I admire your patience and skill in putting it together (and Stephen's in getting around it while you were putting it together!) Now, what are you going to do with it when it has done the rounds? :)

  6. hehe, Kathryn...not altogether sure at this stage, but have to admit that it is a little large for any of my walls!
    This week, though, it will be on show at the Craft & Quilt Fair in Melbourne.


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