Thursday, 7 July 2016

Our collaborative artwork again on display...

Yesterday we installed the 50 Years of Flower Power collaborative freeform piece in the Warwick Art Gallery, where it will be on display in the entrance foyer until 11th September, 2016.

The artwork has been tweaked somewhat.  Last week I spent a couple of days unobtrusively stabilizing some of looser work.  With so many previous showings, and because of the overall weight of the piece, a few sections become quite stretchy.   I also reassembled the hanging to fit the length of the gallery wall which, at 7m in length, was quite a few metres shorter than the original piece had grown to become.

To best fit in as much as possible, some of the scrumbles have now moved position, changing ends or travelling to the top of the piece to increase its height...but rest assured that any scrumbles that didn't actually make it into this reincarnation will still be seen by heaps of people, as I'm now joining those pieces together in a totally new configuration, and they will be used to yarnbomb one of the trees just outside the art gallery during the town's annual Jumpers & Jazz Festival, which runs from July 21-31.

I'll be heading up that way again then, for workshops and for the festival opening, so I'll add more photos to the blog towards the end of the month.

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