Thursday, 17 March 2016

on display again...

From today until Sunday the Flower Power collaborative freeform crochet artwork is on display once again, this time at the Brisbane Stitches & Craft Show at the Exhibition Centre, Southbank, Brisbane, Qld., Australia.

Nobody who comes to the show is going to miss will be the first thing visitors will see when they come in the door.  

This photo taken last night, after it was hung.  I'll post a few more photos later, once the crowd arrives.

Next month it is going to travel to two other S&C shows too; first to the one in Auckland, New Zealand, and then it will fly back across the Tasman Sea in time for the show in Adelaide.

After that, it will be on display in a regional Queensland gallery for a couple of the Warwick Art Gallery, at a time that will coincide with the town's annual 'Jumpers & Jazz in July' festival.

...and if you would like to join me in creating something for a bit of collaborative yarn bombing, I'll be overseeing the making of some freeform crochet (and knit) jumpers (sweaters) to decorate a couple of the trees around Warwick when the festival is on.  All the details of what to create and where to send your piece at and you can read more about the yarnbombing at 'Jumpers & Jazz in July' at!yarnbombing/c1se

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  1. That is amazing ,double wishes now I could go to the Show...


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