Friday, 1 May 2015

the final contributions

Here, finally, are the last of the contributions that have now been received for the '50 Years of Flower Power' collaborative artwork.  A couple of these pieces were collected just before I headed off on a recent Needlework Cruise, and all the others were waiting in the mailbox on my return.

A huge thank you once again to everyone who created something towards this project.  After I discovered that the exhibition date had been delayed I have to admit that I took a little bit of time away from it to work on other things for a bit...but rest assured that the joining-up is already coming along well, and I can guarantee that, because of the caliber of all of the pieces that were sent, the final result is going to be spectacular. 

We have now had over 200 fibre enthusiasts, from 24 different countries, submit their work, and it seems that the length of the finished piece is likely to be over 10m (33ft) it should definitely one of the largest joint freeform crochet creations assembled to date.

I'll add a few 'in progress' shots in another blog post shortly, and I promise that there'll be lots of other photos eventually, once the piece is completed and hung...but in the meantime, here are pictures of the final contributions that were received:

Anne Crochette from Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium has sent a fantastic array of flower and leaf shapes, both large and small, and all in the most gorgeously bright colours.

Cobi Wittelock, from Leiden in the Netherlands crocheted the next 2 pieces, a small individual flower motif plus a larger, gorgeous and very creative freeform scrumble.

Fayme Harper, Lucerne Valley, CA, USA is the creator of the 3 lovely spiral motifs in the next photo; all quite freeform, they vary in size from about 14 to 16cm (that's just either side of 6").

Geraldine McGovern is from the Brisbane suburb of The Gap in Queensland, Australia, and she has contributed a beautiful felt flower.  This piece measures 43cm (17") from petals to stem.

Gonneke Leverland, who is from Leiden in the Netherlands, has crocheted this next piece - a very pretty floral and multi-coloured spiral scrumble.

Grace Gardiner Aquila and members of the Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club of Connecticut, USA have not only sent some floral motifs, but also a huge array of individual crochet flowers.  All of the 40 or so 'sunflowers' arrived neatly held together with extra crochet, so that they wouldn't be squashed out of shape in transit; they will be 'released and relaxed' when they are added to the artwork.

Jan Sologinkin from Mackay in Queensland, Australia, sent two packages, each with quite different styles of work.  Her pieces range in size from a tiny heart (which is just 5cm - 2") to the larger pink and lime lacy scrumble (which measures about 20cm or 8" across).

Janice Davey, from Frisco, Texas, USA, has crocheted and knitted 3 very different scrumbles (the mark of a true freeformer!); all great shapes, and in wonderful colours.

Madalena Fernandes, from Agualva-Cacem in Portugal is the creator of this next piece; very tactile, with its many 3D flowers, this scrumble is finished off with a beautiful silver peace symbol.

Margaret Hubert is from Pawling, NY, USA, but she is also a member of the Happily Hooked Crochet Club on CT, and the package that they sent also contained this next great scrumble made by Margaret.  I know what a busy lady she is, what with all the crochet books she has written lately, and I really appreciate that she found the time to contribute.

Marina Holchan, who is from Minsk in Belarus, sent some gorgeous individual flowers (5 small and one larger), plus another even larger piece that features a second flower that is similar to the individual yellow and orange one.  All lovely and bright, the larger scrumble measures in at 44cm (17").

Michele Lasker from Tulsa, OK, USA has knitted a wonderfully textured and pleated creation which measures about 33cm (13") across.  What a fabulous blending of colours in this piece.

Olga Spampatti from Gazzinga in Italy has used the most glowing neon colours to create her amazing 2 pieces.  Wonderful work - psychedelia at its best!

and last but certainly not least, our final photo shows the piece sent by Vera Delova who is from Dickson in the ACT, Australia - she has finished the contributions off by sending along a lovely crocheted hyperbolic flower motif.


As I said at the start of this post, all in all I have received flowers, motifs and scrumbles from over 200 separate contributors, hailing from 24 different countries worldwide.   

Freeform crochet is truly an international craft, and this has been an absolutely fantastic effort by all of the makers...well done everyone!


  1. Thank you for posting mine. So glad they got there! Thanks for promoting our art around the world.

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