Thursday, 22 January 2015

not my usual freeform...but fun :-)

thank you to everyone for such a great response to this project...not only here on the blog but via postings on facebook and ravelry as well.  

i am super excited about seeing what everyone comes up with for their contributions, and am looking forward to the day when things start to turn up in the mail.

but just in case anyone is hanging out here, waiting for things to start happening (it's a happening thing!), i am posting a couple of photos of a mandala-like flower that i crocheted yesterday.

it measures 45cm across (just under 18"), was made completely from leftover yarns (i have a lot of those!), and even though it is not at all like my usual style of freeforming, did it by 'feel' (i.e. no pattern and no proper counting of stitches), and i really enjoyed making it. 



  1. Pretty! As soon as my current project is finished, I'll make some fun motifs for you.

    1. thank you, Barbara. i have always loved your work and i know you are not afraid of colour, so i will certainly be looking forward to seeing what you send.

  2. Great, I would love to participate and will start soon.
    Love all your work!
    Brigitte S.

    1. thank you, Brigitte. I look forward to seeing what you create. I hope that some of the early pieces will start to arrive in the mail later this week. It will be exciting!


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